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April 8, 2023

Puppy portraits!

In full transparency: these aren’t the best — BUT I’ve decided to share them anyway. I spend too much time critiquing myself, not posting because “it’s not good enough” or simply refusing to let my practice stuff out. 

I love to capture pets on photo & video. They’re full of life and an absolute joy to work with. They bring out the best in everyone. I encourage all of my clients to bring along their furry best friends on any of our sessions together, but I want to be confident that I can capture them at their very best when they do make their arrival. So — I practice. 

This weekend I got to practice with my family’s newest addition, Julius. My brother’s sweet puppy was the best boy and I had so much fun practicing puppy portraits while I babysat for the first time. 

This time around, I used the wrong lens, didn’t bring any backups, and I didn’t compensate for a darkly lit apartment setting. While editing, it was super clear that I needed a different focal length to avoid the focusing errors. Additionally, I didn’t plan out a storyline ahead of time, so the montage feels haphazard. For the edit, I think I’d prefer to keep pushing my images to that pastel, saturated, natural but dreamy creamy film aesthetic.  

More to practice, more to learn. So happy I whipped out my fav equipment and at least gave it a shot.

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