San Francisco Vibrations

Twitter Instagram Youtube Pinterest San francisco vibrations april 18, 2023 We left for San Fran on Wednesday afternoon. Took the 1 or the 101 as much as we could — through Santa Barbara, Paso Robles, Carmel and eventually into the city. Part babymooning, part celebrating dear friends, the trip turned out to be exactly what […]

Welcome to the Fam, J

Twitter Instagram Youtube Pinterest Welcome to the fam, j April 8, 2023 Puppy portraits! In full transparency: these aren’t the best — BUT I’ve decided to share them anyway. I spend too much time critiquing myself, not posting because “it’s not good enough” or simply refusing to let my practice stuff out.  I love to […]

Officially Obsessed with Feathers

Twitter Instagram Youtube Pinterest officially obsessed with FEATHERS March 31, 2023 You know, it’s funny how an unassuming assignment can surprise you. I arrived at my school session today after a long week with a seemingly never-ending to-do list, feeling heavy and without an inch of creative spirit. I figured I’d take a few staged […]

Happy Birthday Mr. Jones

Twitter Instagram Youtube Pinterest Happy Birthday Mr. Jones March 15, 2023 Small, solid, strong.  Just as true today as it was when you were just a puppy. From day one you’ve been living it up, finding mischief and bringing so much joy to our lives. Wishing our sweet chocolate boy the happiest of birthdays today. […]

Adding A GoPro To The Kit

Twitter Instagram Youtube Pinterest adding a gopro to the KIT march 8, 2023 I love finding new ways to bring personality and especially playfulness (when appropriate) to films. The more I researched – the more the GoPro seemed like an obvious addition to my kit.  Improvisation OpportunitiesCandid footage can personalize a film and, when done […]

family tradition

menu Instagram Youtube Pinterest family tradition. february 2023 A sweet little personal project montage of our family’s moments together enjoying the annual traditional Latvian pierog-making party. Enjoy! back to the films  →