adding a gopro to the KIT

march 8, 2023

I love finding new ways to bring personality and especially playfulness (when appropriate) to films. The more I researched – the more the GoPro seemed like an obvious addition to my kit. 

Improvisation Opportunities
Candid footage can personalize a film and, when done well, really push the sentimental value to 11. Some of my favorite stories from weddings involve creative, intentional choices like sticking the camera on the couple’s dog’s collar that circulates at the reception. Having a GoPro in my back pocket, I know I can improvise footage throughout the night — taking cues from the story that’s unfolding in real time. The footage is playful and can be extremely useful for additional social media content.

Stick the camera on a tripod or tuck it away somewhere and do a time-lapse of literally any event. You never know when that footage could come in handy.

‍I mean, it’s a GoPro — of course I bought it with sports films in mind. One of my main goals for 2023 is to develop my technical skills specific to covering sports. 

I’ve started using my own distance training as a way to test & perfect  different angles, perspectives, settings and styles to best use with my sports content clients later this spring and especially going into fall ’23.